Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Free Verses

Why wait? Tomorrow is not promised; is it? .... Hey, Just "Hit Send"!

Free Verses

I don’t write rhymes,
I write lines that surpass mental confines,
But I’m gonna conform and perform,
‘Cause otherwise,
You may not hear these cries,
Of a sistah wise,
Who’s been blistering her fingers,
Just to be heard over the bickering of the masses,
Trying to identify who’s wearing a mask,
Forgetting about their recent past,
‘Cause the future is vast,
But how long will the facade last,
How long will we let them steal our ideas,
Just to be part of their affairs,
Getting paid,
Still no on sees the bricks you laid,
‘Cause you settled for cash quick,
Stacked thick,
And they knew,
That would get you,
To forget about those bricks,
Those brutal whips,
And just focus,
On her hips,
That will take you on a first class trip,
Where no longer will they hear your words,
See, I think they’re riding you like a Ford,
Lord, bring back the free verses,
Where rappers stop writing nursery rhymes,
And poets stop nursing rhymes,
But nurse minds,
Lord, bring back the free verses,
Where nothing is free from controversy,
You see,
Bring back the free verses,
Where poets can read their verses,
Just as long as they name good sources,
Bring back the free verses,
Where I don’t have to be Def to be blessed,
And the deaf will be blessed,
By uplifting voices,
And substance will always win,
‘Cause ignorance should be a sin,
We will choose quality,
Over quantity,
Then truly we’ll be free,
Lord, bring back the free verses,
‘Cause my ears,
They thirst it.  


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