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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Simple Tons

Simple were minds without light.

n.r. Williams

The Empty Barns

... would remain empty until it was understood that they would be filled not by sacrifice but by Mercy.

n.r. Williams


In God the Father, there were zero degrees of separation.

n.r. Williams

Time and Again

The goal was to highlight her contradictions, instead the power of contrast was given light.

n.r. Williams


Three to five years they were asked to wait, as to not track any of the dirt back from the site of burial.

n.r Williams

All Persons

Sometimes she speaks. Sometimes she observes. Sometimes she listens.

n.r. Williams


Her eyes were the subject of their study. Though an unreliable subject. For her eyes studied everything.

n.r. Williams

Halfway Good

She couldn't hear the truth distracted by the lies.

n.r. Williams

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Until you become the subject of the revelation, perhaps nothing has been revealed.


Fade Not

If ever your beauty begins to fade, ask for forgiveness, and Grace will get it back to you.



Grace and Mercy... The general managers of His Glory.


Always Ask

Don't try to figure out in your head, what can be accessed in prayer.


Forgive Me

Grace is grace, but a fall is a fall. Forgive me.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Glass Heads

Every time they stretched out their mouth in need to reprimand, they revealed the mud on the floor of their thinking.


Clean Up Well

They threw dirt at her. It got in her eyes, and made her cry. But His tears washed her clean.



One Time, Vol. 2

In reality she never picked up the mic, it was given to her, and she only ever dropped it but once. All those other times, were just echoes.

True or False

The truth will make you curse, a lie with a bit of truth will make you frown, but only a complete lie could make you laugh.

n.r. Williams


Go Tell It!

When the story begun to reveal their fingerprints, they tried to bury it, but oh the Glory. It was resurrected and told to... Go tell it!

n.r. Williams


God In Me

His confidence in me was so great, that I appeared over-confident.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


What if personal brand only means personal best, and what if your personal best was so custom, that no one could wear it.



When you fan what's next to improve the visibility of now.

n.r. Williams

Awesome Afloat

Don't just throw your awesome into the air, but breathe on it continually to keep it afloat.

n.r. Williams

The Vision to Carry

If you can dig it up, you can carry it. For the vision is not just to be held, but to be carried.

n.r. Williams

Rough Side

The rough side is the only way up the mountain, lest you slip and fall.

n.r. Williams


When you are the furnishings and not the room.


No Purring Allowed

She might have purred and gotten her way, but she roared and became a way.


The Ledge

They pushed her to the edge and waited for her to fall, but it was their edge. In reality, she had a lot more ledge.


Sun and Moon

Humility and Confidence.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

No Other Way

He dares you to dream big, but suffers you to dream bigger.

n.r. Williams


She didn't come to see the world, but the bring her world.

n.r. Williams

The Why Nots

Unlayered was dull, one dimensional was flat, and scared was safe.



After they'd squeezed everything out of her, and it was all on the table, they decided it was more than they were prepared to lift. She then took a deep breath, and reclaimed all that was hers.

n.r. Williams


It was not stored in my head, but written in His book. I was not harboring anything, but holding everything.

n.r. Williams


It is not blown in the wind, but carries the wind. It makes no quick exits, but it does insist on stopping... sometimes to rest, sometimes to offload... other times to onload, but mostly it stops to redistribute weight.

n.r. Williams


I'd seen enough to make a judgement, but I did not know enough to be the judge.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Forever Roads

The toughest road you will ever travel is the one named Character. It is also the most mistitled road.


The Real Work

Don't work the plan, but work with the unplanned; which is the real plan in disguise and at work.

Get Wet

The moment you realize it's not a wall you're up against, but an old line you drew in the sand, that never got wet.

n.r Williams

Keep Walking

He calls you into the dark, and right to a fire in the bush.


Wide Open

The tunnel is only the tight side of the funnel. If you do life from the inside-out, the end of the tunnel is wide open.


More Than An Inch

Until your determination begins to look like obsession, you haven't moved an inch.

Dream On

Your level giant is always in proportion to your level dream. Don't blink; Dream on.


Between Mountains

Sometimes there's a valley between mountains, and sometimes there's a bridge. Whichever way you go; high or low, just know... God is there also.



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