Friday, September 29, 2017

No Catcher Left Behind

When you cast a vision, you project yourself in time. The one who catches the vision, travel with you.
n.r. Williams

Boots Strapped

Be heavy. Be heard. Be holy.

n.r. Williams

Truth Patriots

Always liberal with the truth.

n.r. Williams

Be Smaller

When you give up your shoulders, you lose your height.

n.r. Williams


Ask Now

People of the USVI, this is the time to petition for the right to cast an official vote for President of The United States of America. A single vote for each individual citizen. In the aftermath of Irma, we can see the importance. We have been citizens long enough. Give us the right!!



Full Disclosure

When the awareness of an issue as reached its full capacity, wait. For the next thing added, will begin the spill.

n.r. Williams

Face It

The face of evil is not mean.

n.r. Williams

Secrets of Judgment Revealed

That moment when God shows you why you made the right call.

n.r. Williams


Monday, September 25, 2017

Good Economics

If you're going to pay for something, you may as well use it.


See how God gently exposed corruption and brought healing to me.
"The Power of Silence" ... A Personal Testimony


Counter Narrative

You can't feed a narrow road to a broadband, but you can feed a broadband to a narrow road.
n.r. Williams

The Origin of Things

The heart of a thing, is the spirit of a thing. The words of a thing, is the belly of a thing. The intention of a thing, is the last bite of a thing. But the perception of a thing, is the life of a thing.
n.r. Williams

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Global Awakening

Don't stretch out your fist, stretch out your prayers.

n.r. Williams


Who's Who Vol. 7

The truth is a rock the beast uses to sharpen its teeth, but it doesn't realize it's losing its teeth. Meanwhile the rock never loses its density or its ability to sharpen.

n.r. Williams

Bowling Storms

Be aware of the storms that are packed with power, but come with no thunder. For God always sends voice.

n.r. Williams

Kingdom Calculations

One is the whole, two is plenty, and three is Glory.

n.r. Williams


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Miscalculated Vol. 5

To return to bed with an abusive lover who neither apologizes or makes any promises.
n.r. Williams

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Purpose of the Rainbow

... was to let you know that not even God would drown you.

n.r. Williams


... The highest form of peace.

n.r. Williams

Who's Who Vol. 6

Those in the arena not advertising the colors of their teams, will still be known by what triggers their response.

n.r. Williams

By Assignment

When you give away the parts of you that are assigned to be given away, you remain whole.

n.r. Williams

Belly Full

"You're getting old" is the song they sing when you have called to Rememberance more than they can stomach.

n.r. Williams

Channels of Learning

If you hear it, you can speak it, but if you learn it, you can teach it.

n.r. Williams

Your Weather Channel

Never accept the weather from an adversary. Likewise, do not accept the weather from a feather. Instead, look to the rock that does not sway, and say... "Whether or not the waters rise, as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord".

n.r. Williams

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dull and Void

You cannot respond to what you cannot imagine.

n.r Williams


Stay Wealthy

The most expensive thing one can lose is truth.

n.r. Williams

Illegal U-turn

She sent them away with a file full of infractions.

n.r. Williams

Hold Tight

Don't release from your mouth, what can't be afforded to others.

n.r. Williams

Mindsets of Eden

To speak about butterflies, roses, and living water, while you're looking at concrete, is not deception; it's conception.

n.r. Williams

Different Day

Unresponsive was the veil of a people who couldn't see history in repeat.

n.r. Williams


... the highest form of Kingdom.

n.r. Williams


Friday, September 15, 2017

Believe in God

Some jumped bridges, some fell under the nose of a barrel, and others turned around and walked into the sunset. But there came one who's screams echoed vertically upward for miles; that one was saved.

n.r. Williams


Get out from under a closing umbrella.

n.r. Williams

Behind the Wall

Don't expect people to fight for a right, that you yourself don't stand in front of.

n.r. Williams



Beware of those who don't speak up for you, but call themselves inspired by your cries.

n.r. Williams

Band of Liars

Banded together by lies they stood strong, but with truth, together they would fall.

n.r. Williams

What Heart's Do

Marketing don't carry torches, hearts do.

n.r. Williams

General Wisdom

...has no place within the will of God.

n.r. Williams


Life's Hat

Don't try to explain what you yourself could not understand. Allow life to wear it's own hat.

n.r. Williams

The Feelers

The feelers will come and when they do, stay out of your feelings, and proceed with peace.

n.r. Williams

Prayer Warrior

... when you pray so much you dream about praying.

n.r. Williams


Thursday, September 14, 2017


If it proves to be a snake, she will prove to be a heel, and her heel moves with treble.

n.r. Williams


Counter Intelligence

When God lays before you your opposition's plans, even before He outlines your plan.

n.r. Williams



If you've inherited the right to light a fire, don't demote yourself to the one set aside to fan the flames.

n.r. Williams


True Testimony

When the test testifies on your behalf.

n.r. Williams


If a person, place, or thing proves not to be part of your underwiring or armor, it is deemed disposable.

n.r. Williams

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pre Fixes of Action

If you must react, react. But first consider your position.

n.r. Williams

Sound Quality

You'll know when you've hit your target by the sound of their response, and you'll know where you've hit your target by the quality of their response.

n.r. Williams

Judge This

The point on the grid where you interact with information.

n.r. Williams

Vocal Imprint

Dressed in another person's words, you'll look disheveled, but dressed in your own words you'll be distinguished.

n.r Williams

Keep Walking, Vol.3

... there are storms you must learn to speak to.

n.r. Williams

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Know Good

Manufactured good travels the world, but intrinsic good changes the world.

n.r. Williams

Be Careful With Names

... to name a thing, is to sustain a thing.

n.r. Williams

All That You Are

When you relinquish what you want, and pick up what God wants for you, then you will know all that you are.

n.r. Williams

Payroll's on Hold

When your head was the buy in, but you refused to die.

n.r. Williams


Destiny's Playground

The distance between the simple tons and the giants.

n.r. Williams

Miscalculated, Vol. 3

When you make your contempt so obvious, that what you hoped to discredit shines.

n.r. Williams

Friday, September 8, 2017


When you bypass the question, and reach for the intention.

n.r. Williams

Charitable High Ways

When you give away the things you most need.


Who's Who, Vol. 4

Some don't require you to beg; they'll toss you a bone, only to get a picture of you with a lowered standard.

n.r. Williams

In the Dark

Keep making deposits in the dark. One day when the lights are turned on, the treasures will be there. And you would have been purified by all that went unregistered.

n.r Williams

Counter Wisdom

The people you don't want to see you fall, are the ones who need to see you fall. Fall already!

n.r. Williams


God's Opinion Dictates

The question was asked, "which office does one go to to get his/her reputation back?"

n.r. Williams

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

Above the Smear

No slander, mockery, ending, antagonist, or robbery ever formed against us shall prosper. We Overstand!

n.r. Williams

Internal Light

When the road goes black, light the way from the inside.

n.r. Williams

Still Full, Vol. 2

They kept trying to show her how to eat, but she kept saying... "I'm full, I just ate this book".

n.r. Williams


The Gardener

When those planted around you have been choked out, plants will come from distant places in attempt to lay roots. Don't be hard, but be shallow. And just when they reach down to pat the soil, then become hard. Then let them meet The Gardener.

n.r. Williams

Who's Who, Vol. 3

Beware of the wolf who has a child to feed, who desires you to grow quicker than you can learn anything.

n.r. Williams

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cage Less

Let those who are feeble in heart go. As they leave their pieces of your heart behind, feel your strength grow.

n.r. Williams

In The Father's House

..  if you think feed, you'll be supplied. If you think eat, you'll have to look for work.

n.r. Williams

His Daughter

Everytime they started counting and making bets, a hand cut through the clouds.

n.r. Williams


Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time the projects tried to project my future, but my future rejected the projections.

n.r. Williams

Ear Drum

When your heart pounds the dream into your ears.

n.r Williams

The Pivot Point

That place in your mind where everything is within reach.

n.r. Williams

Friday, September 1, 2017