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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Who's Who

Those who are motivated by what you do, will most often seek to compete with you, but those who are inspired by what you do, will often become an inspiration to you.

n.r. Williams

Unable to Resize

... was the error message sent by God to the one who attempted to reduce you in size.

n.r. Williams

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

I Promise

Until you are buried, you cannot be resurrected. Hold on. God loves you!

n.r. Williams

Be Watchful

The olive branch extended without a change of mind withers quickly.

n.r. Williams

Through the Blinds

Through the blinds came a light, and that light revealed a positive truth. It said, "that which has no power to fill, likewise has no power to empty".

n.r Williams

The Succession

After the snowball, came the black ball, but after the black ball came A Mighty Rock.

n.r. Williams


Miscalculated, Vol.2

When your response to a sound word is an old picture.
n.r. Williams

Still Full

Don't wear your past around your neck like a milestone, throw it off and walk upright.

n.r. Williams

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Three Selves

Today will take care of itself, but History will not remember itself, nor will the future prepare itself.

n.r. Williams

No Oversight

Apprehension is what you feel when the spirit makes a sudden change in timing, but not instruction.

n.r. Williams

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


If you sell your voice for a seat at the table, you sit at the table without the ability to speak.

n.r. Williams

The Lack of Moral Authority

Any Authority that strips liberties to protect or disguise injustice, gives permission to go back in time.

n.r Williams

A Union to Remember

I have a vision of a union.
It's a picture of a time when erected alongside Lady Liberty there will be a great statute, Sir Justice.  And it will uphold a set of balanced scales that will speak of aspirations made a reality.  This union will forever be a show of solidarity between the leading morals and values of a great nation.  And said nation would always be remembered and revered throughout the world, not only for its great liberties, but it's courage to hold justice in equal regard.  Such a nation, showcasing such a union will always prove to be the pride of all its citizens.

n.r. Williams


Petitions and Requests

The distinction between desire and demand.

n.r. Williams

A Captivating Truth

Wisdom answers and speaks to many, but truth has no one to answer to. It is the answer to.

n.r. Williams

Monday, August 21, 2017

No Disguises

Sensitive is the spirit that can detect an act of violence even when it appears to be an act of brotherhood. Thus was the spirit of a King betrayed with a kiss.

n.r. Williams

No Agitators

The first step in establishing a peaceful protest is the ability to protest in peace.

n.r. Williams


Total Recall

When God saw that the law was standing in the way of truth, a King was born. And He said, I will be the way. He pushed the law to the side, and took His people by the hand. Along the way, He revealed the mysteries of the law, and when they understood, He left them to dress the rest of the way with service and praise. All this He deserved from His Throne.

n.r. Williams


Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Report for English C

(first draft)

She Stood As Many

It was just a first draft, and though it was written in full trust of humanity, it was held as a document of slavery. For at whatever moment she should set her eyes on Glory, it would be sent out like wild fire, through the veins of the world wide web, to all she was destined to meet, in attempt to prevent her from the will that had been written and left for her by her Father.




Sometimes you have to get yanked back to go forward.

n.r. Williams

Get Destined

Fullness is promised overflow as its Destiny.
n.r. Williams

Get Glory

Overflow don't see overflow as waste. Overflow sees overflow as Glory. Half-full sees overflow as waste.

n.r. Williams

Get Filled

Full don't see full as full. Full sees full as equal.  Empty sees full as full.

n.r. Williams

Friday, August 18, 2017

Which "Anity"

Humanity is when you reveal what you did when you didn't know better. Profanity is when you continue what you do, and you do know better.

n.r. Williams

Meet the Bones

Dry bones break, soft bones bend, and firm bones stand.

n.r. Williams


Bosom to Bosom

When God holds you at His bosom, you see the beauty behind Him, and He sees the beast behind you. Stay in proper position, bosom to bosom and ear to ear; where you have the best view and maintain the shortest distance to hearing.

n.r. Williams

More Things in Place

I have instructions. God has strategies.

n.r. Williams

Stand Corrected Again

There's no such thing as taking advantage of people of faith, because faith is always the advantage.

n.r. Williams

Gifts of The Spirit

It takes courage to let your humanity show, and it takes courage to trust humanity with your courage.

n.r Williams

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jim Crow Untold

When all the master's slaves were on one plantation, there was always a fear of uprising, but when there were many plantations, with many unacquainted slaves, then the master was in full control.

n.r. Williams

An Act of Violence

When the enemy presents himself as a guest.

n.r. Williams

Blow Smoke

Upset gets you no where, in control gets you everywhere.

n.r. Williams


Letters and Terms

There is no PR in art, there is only A&R.

n.r. Williams


Brawn and Nets

When your mind is full of brawn, and your adversary's mind has more holes than the average net.

n.r. Williams


Catch All

When you leave to get something to eat, and God shows me who you are. Then you return, and I meet you where you are.

n.r. Williams


Friday, August 11, 2017

Unreachable Battery

... the illusion of shutdown.

n.r. Williams

Sabotage 1102

Leave them to destroy part one, while you build part two.

n.r. Williams


Sabotage 101

When you have encountered an honest person, don't dig for a lie. Instead make it so everything that once was, is no longer so.

n.r. Williams

The Nostrils of Art

Art that defies nothing, whether thought, law, or beauty, has failed to take a complete deep breath.

n.r. Williams

How Her Mind Twerked

She figured if they were going to rob her, she might as well be sleeping.

n.r. Williams

Sunday, August 6, 2017