Thursday, November 30, 2017

Know Joy

Love! Not for the like of it, but the joy of it.

n.r. Williams

His Authority

Somebody said, you score we win, but God says, nobody wins, I keep the score.

n.r. Williams

Repect the Dots

The first period means stop. The second one means get ready. But the third period, means continue.

n.r. Williams

Miscalculated Vol. 9

If you reject the next step, you lose your step.

n.r. Williams

Still Full Vol. 4

Cancel the check on disaster, but write the check for the dream.

n.r. Williams

Know Today

Don't engage tomorrow today. You will not have what you need to fight for it. Hence... you will know when you're in the right day.

n.r. Williams

New Money

A change in the color green.

n.r. Williams

Miscalculated Vol. 8

To tug on their pockets without ever tugging at their faith.

n.r. Williams

Off Shoot

To keep one alive, He creates another.


The Next Step

Is to have the people ask the question, "What is a Suspended-Release Novel?"

n.r. Williams

Answer: A Novel that has its contents released in a suspended manner, according to the schedule prescribed by the author or publisher.

Purpose: To engage the reading audience with an interactive book publishing and book release event.

Know Obstacle

When you have lost a thought, you have not lost a thought, but rather you have bypassed an obstacle.

n.r. Williams

True Kernel

God does not ask us to understand what is not given, but to multiply what is.

n.r. Williams

Know Leader

We shall not lead by the pull of a collar, but by the pull of faith.

n.r. Williams

Heads Up Vol. 4

Let your "I am" speak more of the willingness of Spirit than your isness.

n.r. Williams

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Know Reaction

If you react to the background, you bring it into the foreground.

n.r. Williams


Know Treasure

The one who celebrates alone has discovered the true value of his treasure.

n.r. Williams

Know Challenge

Don't challenge what is established, instead let what is established challenge you.

n.r. Williams


A long arm was a reach, but a strong arm was a breach.

n.r. Williams

Who's Who Vol.12

The one who tests the test, becomes a master, but the one who quizzes the test, is reduced to laughter.

n.r. Williams

Know Shadow

Her bravado was only a shadow.

n.r. Williams

Know Maintenance

Simple fish enjoy freedom and heavy fish are thrown back in, but a fish that maintains its weight, is always a catch.

n.r. Williams

Know Bait

It takes greater power to unfriend than to befriend.

n.r. Williams

Know Question

Don't ask a question you're not willing to live out the answer to.

n.r. Williams

Know Prayer

Do not begin in reality what you have not begun in prayer.

n.r. Williams

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ask And...

The Lord says, don't tell me to pick it up... you pick it up.

n.r. Williams


Go the Extra Thought

The one who unfailingly states the obvious, unfailingly serves failure.

n.r. Williams

Diligent or Busy

God is diligent, not busy. This is why He is always listening.

n.r. Williams

Change or Evolve

Change leaves you untraceable, but evolution leaves you relatable.


Keep Walking Vol. 10

Keep walking. You cannot miss what God has for you. It is not a ball that's being thrown, or a trap that's being set. It's a gift that's being delivered.

n.r. Williams

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

True and False Pairs

Truth never battles forgiveness, but unforgiveness does battle truth.

n.r. Williams

Fear or Deceit

It's the difference between a Peter and a Judas.

n.r. Williams


Choose Power

Every living creature has the choice of two spirits.

n.r. Williams

Know Critics

There will only be quiet, when you are off the path.

n.r. Williams

Heads Up Vol. 3

If you play the small picture, you lose the direction of the big picture, but if you play big picture, you can always see the movement on the ground.

n.r. Williams

Cross Checked

He is careful of what you're tearing down, for it may be hazardous to what He is building up.

n.r. Williams

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tough Question Vol. 3

If more insults went over your head, who, what, and where would you be?

n.r. Williams

Forest for The Trees

Don't miss the art for the assumptions.

n.r. Williams

Read Chapters 1-13 of "Freeborn" from the Suspended-Release
Novel Series The Decks and the Road
by author/blogger/speaker
NaTisha R. Williams
(yours Truly)

Know Powers

The Lord may back up, but He never backs down.

n.r. Williams

Know Guts

The beauty of having God shut your mouth, is knowing when He has pried it open.

n.r. Williams

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wisdom's Ways

Intimidation makes all the sounds of the animal kingdom, but wisdom is selective with sound.

n.r. Williams

Heart Ways

Nice is not determined by what you do when someone's in need, it's determined by what you do when you're in need.

n.r. Williams

No Such Thing

There's no such thing as speaking the intentions of a person's heart behind their back.

n.r. Williams

Know Results

Sometimes God will ask you to do a thing, not for the end result, but for the things that are set into motion as a result.

n.r. Williams


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Miscalculated Vol. 7

When the hardest thing to appreciate is a blessing, and the easiest thing to depreciate, is wisdom.

n.r. Williams

Say When

When you have found the center of your soul, don't move.

n.r. Williams

Works of Manipulation

Together the blessing is hidden, but separated the blessing is exposed. Together the glory goes to God, but separated the glory attempts to go to man. Therefore, separated God will take man low, to show the glory belongs to God.

n.r. Williams


(Friends, just know, there are some who are trying to isolate God's glory for their personal gain. Believers, stay awake. Armies of God, stay on guard.)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Tough Question Vol. 2

If you had to pay to speak, what would you say?

n.r. Williams

From the Bottom Up

The depth of healing is in the height of expression.

n.r. Williams


Double D

The bosom of decency and dignity is privacy.

n.r. Williams

The Opinion of Branding

Unless you have branded an opinion of your art, there is no opinion you must uphold.

n.r. Williams


Heads Up Vol. 2

Smart people aren't insulted by other smart people, instead... they be like "Let's super smart up as a team"!

n.r. Williams


Tough Question Vol.1

Are you brave enough to share the catch that proves you to be just a little smaller than you thought you were.

n.r. Williams

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Who's Who Vol. 8

There's a lot to be learned from a people who never sets aside their goal, but they were hard lessons to learn for a people who could never set aside their heart.

n.r. Williams

How God Compliments

He says to one, you are my people, and to another, you are my inheritance. Still, He says to another, you are my handiwork. For the one who is whole, no comparison can be seen or heard. The one who is whole, only hears, "You come from me".

n.r. Williams